The Ferry Man

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Zachary Lynch eyed himself in the broken bathroom mirror. He was in his 30s, had a scruffy beard and wore an old military parker. A robed skeleton in a boat was tattooed on his neck.

Zach Lynch was no ordinary monster, he was Death himself. God had the power to create life, Zach had the power to take it away. Any time, any place, for anyone he chooses.

Zach was a man of many names – “Charon”, “Angel of Death”, “Grim Reaper” but he liked “Ferry Man” the best. He took people on a journey from this world to another – the rush of power drove him to kill.

As Death incarnate, Zach had many supernatural abilities. For example, Zach could appear out of thin air – like when he entered people’s bedrooms unnoticed, to bring them death in their sleep.

He was also immune to human suffering, an ability that not many mortals possessed. Zach felt nothing when his chosen ones cried out in pain or begged for mercy.

Zach also had the power to transform into the Ferry Man at any time –  wherever and whenever he wanted.

Zachary took a pair of clippers from a duffle bag and started shaving his beard. Freshly shaved, Zach checked his face in the mirror. Then he smeared white face paint onto his skin and painted his eyes, nose, and mouth with black shoe polish.

Zach admired himself in the mirror – he transformed himself into the Angel of Death.

Of all of his supernatural skills, he liked one the most: The ability to become invisible. It was a new power he was planning to use today – when he would ferry a young blonde to the Underworld.

Zach held up a wooden crucifix and shouted: “Behold, all souls are mine. The soul of the father as well as the soul of the son is mine. And the soul of those who sin shall die.”

Zach opened the bathroom door. He walked through a busy downtown diner. Many guests were also  dressed in variations of the Grim Reaper costume – with robes and sickles.

Outside the diner, a banner hung across the street: “Welcome to the Grim Reaper Halloween Festival”. Underneath, a crowd of Grim Reaper look-alikes was dancing to hard rock music.

Zach disappeared in the crowd.

No, Zach was no ordinary monster – he was the Ferry Man.

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