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The Ferry Man

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Zachary Lynch eyed himself in the broken bathroom mirror. He was in his 30s, had a scruffy beard and wore an old military parker. A robed skeleton in a boat was tattooed on his neck. Zach Lynch was no ordinary monster, he was Death himself. God had the power to create life, Zach had the power ...

Post-Mortem Rebellion

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He quickly gains consciousness. His head feels like it is going to explode. His legs feel like ice blocks, stinging like from a thousand yellow jackets. Cold bright light hit his optic nerve so hard, he wants to yell out. Then, suddenly, a dark round shape blocks the flood of light. He squints against blurry ...

Bring Me Home

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Log Line A single mother moves back home to escape an abusive marriage. By investigating a murder that traumatized her family during Civil War times she unleashes a terrifying spirit. She must uncover the ghost's tragic secret to protect her daughter and save her own life. Background I had the idea of a ghost-turns-friendly a la 'Casper' after ...

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