Log Line

David Brandt is a likeable, gutsy sports photographer who makes the fateful decision of having one drink too many before taking the wheel. A few minutes later, David finds himself on a dark, mountain road crouched over the body he just ran over. His life starts a frightening downward spiral when he discovers the victim is a renowned movie star and popular mayor of this small steel mill town. Scorned by the public and abused by the police, he is charged with second degree murder and released on bail. In a desperate attempt to absolve himself, David transforms into a die hard hero and launches an investigation to find the perpetrators of what he believes was a carefully disguised murder.


Wrote this one with my good friend Michael Gabriel. We had a blast and proofed the point that writing under the influence does yield results. Happy memories.

This book was published and is available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle.


J.D. Vine Publishing – Creative Writing Contest
Award: Finalist
The book was published in part in The Creative Writer.



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