Log Line

The blizzard of the decades strikes the East Coast. A beautiful girl found raped and beaten on a remote campus. Can a dysfunctional campus cop find the killer and save the remaining students?


I was always fascinated with the thriller genre and wanted to write something exciting that happened during a blizzard. I still remember the ‘Snowcapolypse’ Blizzard in Virginia in 2009 and remember driving my car with 4 feet of snow on top of it.
Initially I wanted to write the resolution of this play as an accident – an icicle fell down and killed the victim. Then it melted so the murder weapon disappeared. Not a bad idea – for my next script…


2016 World Series Of Screenwriting
New York, NY
Award: Bronze Winner


2016 New York Screenplay Contest
New York, NY
Award: Official Finalist Nomination

2016 Terrror Film Festival
Malvern, PA
Award: Official Finalist
2016 Terrror Film Festival
Malvern, PA
Award: Claw Award for Excellence in Writing


2016 Los Angeles Cinefest
Los Angeles, CA
Award: Semi-Finalist

2016 EyeCatcher International Screenplay Festival
McAlester, OK
Award: Official Selection

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